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This space is dedicated to my various hobbies and other personal interests.


I enjoy playing piano. I started in 2001 and never stopped. After learning the basics, I focused mostly on solo classical music, particularly the works of the classical and the romantic era. I have also attended international music camps for several years during my teenage years. Since then my tastes have shifted towards modern music styles. I now take interest in the study of impressionism and early jazz music. I am also a member of an amateur jazz band.

While the majority of my music education and experience relates to performing, I have developed passion for analysis of great compositions. Sometimes I like to reverse-engineer famous works of art to better understand them. Occasionally, I produce short compositions of my own.


If weather permits I like to spend my time outdoors, preferably in the countryside. I am not really sure why, perhaps it is the antithesis of my occupation which often brings me to closed air-conditioned offices or just a way of clearing my head, but I often indulge in hiking, cycling or walks in nature. Even when dwelling in urban environment, I sometimes like to roam about and discover unique forgotten spots that usually have a history of their own.

Film & Photography

Since my childhood I had the opportunity to attend screenings at film festivals that would not only feature blockbuster hits but also small, topical pictures. This encouraged me to develop a strong relationship with film as a medium. Even in the age of on-demand streaming I still prefer the real cinema experience, and sometimes enjoy writing amateur film reviews. In the past when I was contemplating a film career I wrote and directed several short films.

My passion for films naturally intersects with my occasional interest in digital photography. I have read some articles but I acknowledge that I am a complete amateur in the field. Every so often I just randomly notice interesting lighting, composition or symmetry, and take a shot.


Due to my attempts to evade SPAM you should not be able to find my email address or phone number anywhere online. If you want to send me a message, please use this online form that patches directly through to my email. For encrypted communication, please use my public key and GnuPG.

I also use various instant messengers, such as Signal, Telegram, Threema or Riot. Due to various concerns and security incidents in the past, you will not find me on Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger.